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What was our ISoc's best event this year?

· Welcome Dinners
· Iftaars
· Eid Dinners
· Tsunami fundraising dinner
· Brothers' weekly football
· Weekly Seerah class
· Pro evoloution 4 tournament
· Debate about who is the true Jesus?
· 'Islam and the West' talk
· 'The night of Power' talk
· Sisters' weekly aerobics
· Other

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Warwick Islamic Society

"In the name of God, most Gracious, most Compassionate"

Welcome to the home of the University of Warwick Islamic Society on the web.

So, what's The Islamic Society all about, I hear you ask? Well, The Islamic Society (ISoc) organises a variety of activities ranging from educational and inspirational talks to sporting events such as football. Therefore, as a member, you can be guaranteed to find something just for you!

The year is jam packed with:
- Thought provoking talks about Islam, ranging from traditional to contemporary issues
- Frequent tajweed/arabic classes by a superb teacher, masha'allah
- Social dinners at the start of term and during Eid times
- Regular sporting activities (especially football!) and competitive tournaments
- Not forgetting, probably the favourite of all, FREE food during all the weekdays of Ramadhan

And, guess what? We do much much more! As a member, we're ALWAYS here to listen to YOU, insha'Allah. If you have suggestions for an event... great, we want to know. If you have some constructive criticism... even better, because we're always looking to improve. Finally, most of all, if we can help you with anything, whether it's related to your social, academic, or personal life, we'll try our best, insha'Allah.

Too good to be true? Well, why not test us out? Contact the executive at ANY time and insha'Allah we'll do our utmost to meet your needs.

All that is left for me to say, we look forward to seeing YOU at university, maybe at the next ISoc event!

If you need some rest with beautifull girls, just organize a stag do weekend in Budapest.

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