Discount Card 19/20

Alhamdulillah we are excited to announce the launch of the BRAND NEW 2019/20 ISOC DISCOUNT CARD🎉 This card will give you access to exclusive discounts from selected Halal restaurants and takeaways around Coventry, making sure that you never have to pay full price for a meal again! The card will be given out for FREE to all of our Isoc members - to buy your Isoc membership for just £5 (you don't need to pay the SU fee)
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Affiliated Businesses

Oodles Chinese - 15%

Dolci - 15%

Zeenat's - 10%

Dixy Chicken - 20%

Steakout - 20%

Pizza GoGo - 20%

GDK - 15%

Shawerma King - 10%

Spices - 10%

Sweet Spot - 10%

For more information about the discount cards, please contact the exec team.

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